El Monte City School District’s LeGore School Aztec Leadership College Club (ALCC) used a Star Wars themed play as an effective way of communicating the importance of the Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium (SBAC) and the essential skills to take it. 

The student led play started with the Star Wars anthem that you would expect to hear, along with a light-saber battle between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. The heroine, Rey, had to use the “FORCE” to get to the SBAC.  The FORCE is an acronym that stands for Focus, Organization, Review (Repeat and Reread), Concentration and Energize.   Rey meets both good and bad guys (almost all of the Star Wars characters make an appearance) on her journey, ultimately defeating the forces of evil and getting to the SBAC. 

The audience enjoyed the presentation and seemingly got the important message the students on stage were trying to communicate.

ALCC is an on campus club sponsored by the principal, Mrs. Adriana Garcia.  Garcia said, “The club meets once a week and we focus on leadership skills, public speaking and promoting school spirit.”

All third through eighth grade students are taking the SBAC in the next coming weeks.  May the FORCE be with all EMCSD students!


Narrators- Kayla Liu & Alexa Sanchez

Rey- Abril Gonzalez/Jazmin Solis

C390 – Cecilia Fermin

Obi Two Kenobi - Lizeth Quirarte

Captain Phasma - Evon Chen

Princess Leia - Adriana Garcia

Han Solo – Shawn Torres

Kylo Ren - Raymond Pardo

Luke Skywalker - Je Beatriz

Darth Vader- Devin Ruelas

Dancers - Layla Brown, Alexa Espinosa, Jezelle Huerta, Emily Munoz, Giselle Roacho, Kaelani Torres, and Zulani Valencia

Set Design – Mrs. Coronel, Mrs. Larios, and Mrs. Newman

Makeup Artists - Mrs. Mendez and Mrs. Coronel

Sound - Mr. Alvarez

Director - Mrs.  Garcia




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      El Monte City School District’s LeGore School Aztec Leadership College Club (ALCC) used a Star...

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